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Cyberdigm’s USPs are as below
01. Leader in number of references domestically
With a dominant position in both public/financial sectors and extensive experiences in manufacturing distribution/services, we ensure our customers with a secure and efficient work environment.
02. Our solution helps improve user-convenience & security while maintaining your current workflow.
Speedy and reliable quality are our key predominant factors vs competitors.
03. Committed R&D experts
Cyberdigm's committed R&D experts are devoted into continuous development of high-quality and market-leading products
04. Reliable Maintenance
Maintaining your upgraded work place is as important as planting a solution. Our tech support experts are dedicated to sustaining a reliable and secure work environment for our customers via constant customer surveys on a monthly basis.
Providing business solutions for enterprise work environments.
  • Destiny ECM at Shinhan Financial Group Co., Ltd.
    Destiny ECM at Korea Exchange (KRX)
    Launch of Electronic Document Management System "V-disk"
    MOU with SALTLUX, an AI Specializing Company for LLM collaboration
    Overseas Biz Expansion of cloudium into U.S.A. China & Hungary
    Strategic Investment by Crescendo Equity Partners, a leading Private Equity Firm in IT industry
  • Launch of cloudium SaaS service
    Successful cloudium at Lotte Department Store
    Successful cloudium at EcoPro, a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly core materials & parts related to air-pollution control
    Launch of cloud-type HR solution, "Biz52"
    Distributor Agreement with Startia Holdings Inc., an IT Service and Consulting Firm in Japan
    MOU with "the loop", a Blockchain Specializing Company
    Successful cloudium at Dongkook Pharmaceutical
  • Appointment of a new CEO, Mr. Kyeong-chae Kim
    Launch of Destiny Mobile version for Enterprises
    Launch of cloudium, a complete cloud-based solution
    End-to-end encryption, E2EE-ready cloud storage technology announced
  • Turnover achieved 10 Billion Won, first-ever in KMS&ECM industry
    Received Presidential Award for a Leader in SMB industry
    Received Venture Contribution Award
    Launch of Destiny EP:IITM, an enterprise portal system
    Launch of Destiny ECM:V, a new enterprise-level solution
    MOU with LG CNS for enterprise-level portal business collaboration
  • Launch of Destiny 6 Sigma:II, 6 Sigma portal system
    EDMS planted at Hitachi Group, industry's first-ever overseas plantation case
    Establishment of Cyberdigm Co., Ltd.
    Launch of Destiny EDM:II, an electronic document management system
    Launch of Destiny KMS:IITM, a knowledge management system
Business Area

We provide a thorough consulting to our customers in building a core IT infrastructure.


Software development and construction

R&D of content management solutions, establishment and operation of customized system provision solutions


Customized IT consulting

Server/storage construction consulting, Document centralization solution consulting, Development consulting linked to the solution


Professional technical support

System failure recovery and prevention software updates, User satisfaction improvement program

Patent and Certificate
Press Release
Crescendo Invests Over 100 Billion Won in Cyberdigm's Document Centralization Solution [Financial News] Crescendo Equity Partners, a domestic private equity fund (PEF) management company, announced on the 8th that it has invested over 100 billion KRW in Cyberdigm, the largest document centralization solution company in Korea. This investment was made through its third blind fund, which was established in December 2021 with a scale of 1.1 trillion KRW. Major investment companies of Crescendo's third blind fund include Cyberdigm (over 100 billion KRW), Flexcil (over 50 billion KRW), LINE NEXT (over 100 billion KRW), Medipost (over 100 billion KRW), and Beaverworks (over 50 billion KRW). Crescendo plans to support Cyberdigm's growth in the domestic and global enterprise application markets while maintaining a close partnership with Cyberdigm's CEO Kim Kyung-chae and the existing management team. Cyberdigm intends to use the investment to develop technology, enhance solutions, cultivate pro...
Cyberdigm Receives Prime Minister's Commendation for 'Family-Friendly Excellent Company' Cyberdigm (CEO Kyeong-Chae Kim) announced on the 20th that it was selected as an excellent company and received the 'Prime Minister's Commendation for Family-Friendly Excellent Company' at the '2023 Family-Friendly Certification and Government Award Ceremony' held on the 19th. The 'Family-Friendly Certification System' is a system in which the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family certifies companies and institutions that exemplarily operate family-friendly systems such as support for childbirth and childcare, flexible working systems, and the creation of a family-friendly workplace culture. Cyberdigm operates various family-friendly programs tailored to the life cycle of its employees. To support self-development, the company provides tuition fees, external education, and qualification exam fees. For childbirth and childcare support, it provides infertility leave, family care leave, parental leave...
Cyberdigm, Official Website Renewal Open | Emphasis on industry-specific case studies and project execution capabilities through actual customer interview content. Cyberdigm (CEO Kim Kyung-chae) announced on the 19th that it has renewed its official website. Cyberdigm's Document Centralization Solution is a document security management solution that helps efficient document management and security by storing corporate work outputs in a central integrated repository and allowing only authorized users to access the documents. It is used as a solution for systematic document management and the establishment of a secure work environment for companies, financial institutions, and public institutions. The new website is designed with user experience and convenience in mind, simplifying the overall menu into six sections: Product Introduction, Customer Cases, Blog, Customer Support, Company Introduction, and Recruitment. Each sub-page is designed to be intuitively understood. On the main page,...
Saltlux-Cyberdigm Sign MOU to Introduce LLM in the Field of Document Centralization Solutions Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialist Saltlux (CEO Lee Kyung-il) announced on the 25th that it has signed a business agreement with document centralization specialist Cyberdigm (CEO Kim Kyung-chae) to successfully promote large language model (LLM)-based business in the enterprise content management field. Through this agreement, Saltlux’s LLM ‘Lucia’ will be applied to Cyberdigm’s document centralization solutions. The document centralization solution combined with LLM will not only provide accurate answers in a Q&A format but also offer various functions such as document summarization and similar knowledge search, maximizing work efficiency with generative AI. Saltlux provides services to major companies and institutions such as Hyundai Motor Company, LG Electronics, NH Nonghyup Bank, the Constitutional Court, and Korea Investment & Securities. Recently, it announced LLM Lucia, which can bu...
Cyberdigm Participates in 'K-ICT Week in Busan'… Introducing Enhanced Security Document Centralization Solutions Cyberdigm (CEO Kim Kyeong-chae) is set to participate in the '2023 K-ICT Week in Busan' held at BEXCO in Busan from September 6th to 8th, where they will showcase their enterprise document centralization solutions. The 2023 K-ICT Week in Busan is a premier ICT exhibition convention in Korea, encompassing the latest digital new industries such as artificial intelligence (AI), metaverse, and cloud technology. It aims to expand the market for regional information and communication technology (ICT) industries and features three simultaneous events: 'AI KOREA, IT Expo Busan, and Cloud Expo.' Cyberdigm's document centralization solution is a security-enhanced central document management system that collects, stores, and manages all documents generated during business operations in a central integrated repository. Administrators can finely control document access based on user permi...
Cyberdigm's Document Centralization Solution 'Destiny ECM' Registered in the Public Procurement Service's Digital Service Mall Cyberdigm (CEO Kim Kyeong-chae) announced that it has registered its document centralization solution 'Destiny ECM' on the Public Procurement Service Digital Service Mall to expand its influence in the public market. Cyberdigm's 'Destiny ECM' is a security-enhanced central document management system that collects and stores work documents managed on individual PCs in a central integrated repository and manages all generated documents. It allows for document management, improved work efficiency, and enhanced document security, making it a common platform for the sharing, linking, and analysis of data across various departments. By centrally storing documents in one place, users can access the central integrated repository from anywhere at any time, easily search for necessary documents across different departments or work units, and prevent duplicate work or docu...
Cyberdigm renews and opens document centralization mobile app Complete UI/UX overhaul considering user characteristics, strengthening work convenience functions Cyberdigm (CEO Kim Kyeong-chae) has launched a new document centralization solution mobile app that enhances customer convenience and usability. Cyberdigm's document centralization solution app allows you to view corporate documents stored in one place through document centralization, as well as search and share documents. You can maintain business continuity by using business documents anytime, anywhere. Cyberdigm plans to strengthen its identity through this renewal, which actively reflects user usage patterns and customer opinions, and improves UX and UI design to improve customer convenience and support a more convenient smart work environment. First, the previously provided document viewing function allows faster confirmation by optimizing UI performance, and you can easily use the desired work document through △ request/ap...
▲Unipost CEO Kim Gye-won (right) and Cyberdigm CEO Kim Kyeong-chae are taking a commemorative photo after signing a strategic business agreement. / Photo = Unipost Unipost (CEO Gye-won Kim), a company specializing in electronic proof collaboration tools, announced on the 15th that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Cyberdigm (CEO Gyeong-chae Kim) and will add a time and attendance management service to its electronic proof collaboration tools. Unipost has installed Cyberdigm’s 52-hour-a-week attendance management solution ‘Biz52’ service into its electronic proof collaboration tool, enabling customers using Unipost to easily handle attendance management tasks. Unipost Electronic Evidence Collaboration Tool is a cloud-based service that supports integrated management of business processing related to documentary evidence such as expense processing, vacation processing, payment processing, employment contract, and tax invoice, which are essential for businesses, in one tool....
Cyberdigm has begun expanding the market by launching a new document centralization product. On the 4th, Cyberdigm (CEO Kim Kyeong-chae) announced that it had launched a new product that enhances the usability of large documents such as 3D CAD program files to strengthen product competitiveness in the manufacturing field. This new product applies the latest technology to the operation of existing document centralization solutions and improves the function so that 3D CAD program files such as CATIA, Inventor, SolidWorks, and Solid Edge can be viewed and saved directly on the server. Drawings can be saved to the server without exiting the entire program, allowing document changes to be quickly shared with colleagues. In particular, the speed of opening large files has been greatly improved. As a result of testing the new product, the company explained that drawing programs improved by an average of 161% and office documents improved by an average of 61%. **********************************...
[Meet D Pioneer] "Defend against ransomware through document centralization... It's a pity to ask for a solution after being victimized." Meet the D Pioneer Kim Kyung-chae, CEO of Cyberdigm “Neglected documents can reduce a company’s competitiveness.. "Neglected documents not only erode a company's competitiveness but can also lead to a fatal disaster. We will expand the base of document centralization solutions and lower the threshold to play the role of 'document guardian'." Kim Kyung-chae, CEO of Cyberdigm, said, “It is unfortunate to meet companies that inquire about introducing a solution only after experiencing serious damage from a ransomware attack.” Cyberdigm is a stubborn company that has been silently digging the well of document centralization for 23 years. The company, which started as POSTECH's first venture company in 1998 with five founding members, has grown to more than 100 people. The company, which was founded with the goal of 'localizing unstructured content managem...
Cyberdigm (CEO Kim Kyung-chae) announced on the 23rd that last year's sales exceeded 17.6 billion won, a 21% increase compared to 2020, recording its highest ever performance. Cyberdigm is a representative player in the document centralization market and has recently been in the spotlight as a document management solution that prevents internal and external security threats such as document leakage and ransomware in a non-face-to-face work environment, showing high growth. Of the total sales, document centralization solution sales account for 64% of ‘Destiny ECM’, a product targeting large corporations, and 32% of ‘Cloudium’, a product targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Sales were driven by a series of orders from major businesses such as finance and manufacturing, and the number of new customers who introduced document centralization in 2021 exceeded 100, acting as a factor in improving performance. **********************************************************************...
Cyberdigm announced on the 27th that its document centralization solution ‘Cloudium’ received an excellent evaluation in the k-voucher national monitoring group evaluation conducted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. The K-Non-face-to-face Voucher National Monitoring Group, conducted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, shares the satisfaction and inconveniences experienced by directly experiencing the services provided according to interest and expertise, thereby expanding service options for companies in demand and preventing fraudulent activities such as applying for business as a proxy. It is operated for the purpose of: The size of the evaluation group was selected to be around 100 people, and there have been about 60 evaluations registered so far, and among document centralization solutions, only Cloudium has a consumer report registered. Cloudium received a high level of evaluation for its service functions and quality, including the convenience of data sharing between member...
Cyberdigm (CEO Kim Kyung-chae) announced on the 7th that it has updated the Biz52 function, a time and attendance management solution, by actively accepting the needs of managers who want to manage employees' attendance accurately but easily in accordance with the 52-hour workweek system. First of all, the design was designed to improve usability so that the system management screen can be more easily and intuitively understood by managers who are not familiar with attendance management using IT solutions. The UI was structured with screens and icons that enhance clarity and readability, and the user experience, or UX, was strengthened by adding direct links to related menus and various search filter functions. In addition, there are various functions in addition to functions such as correction of work records that allow the recorded attendance status to be modified through approval, application for overtime work in the form of working outside or on a business trip, separately checking ...
Cyberdigm (CEO Kim Kyung-chae) announced on the 28th that it has built its document centralization solution ‘Destiny ECM’ in Shinhan Financial Group’s content management project ‘New S-Drive’. Starting with Shinhan Bank, the system is planned to be expanded to seven affiliates of Shinhan Financial Group. The ‘New S-Drive’ document centralization project includes Shinhan Bank and six affiliates: Shinhan Asia Trust, Shinhan Aitas, Shinhan Holdings, Shinhan AI, Shinhan Financial Investment, and Shinhan Card. With the construction of the system, the total number of users is expected to reach about 7,000. ************************************************************************************************************ www.ddaily.co.kr
Cyberdigm (CEO Kim Kyung-chae) announced that inquiries have been increasing significantly since the launch of ‘Biz52’ time and attendance management cloud service in May. As the 52-hour workweek system is expanded without delay to workplaces with 5 to 49 employees starting next month, interest in introducing the service appears to have increased among small and medium-sized businesses. A company official said, 'The Biz52 cloud service can be used immediately by signing up as a member, and various forms of attendance can be easily managed with simple settings, so it is receiving great response from small and medium-sized businesses that need quick preparation in the face of the imminent implementation of the 52-hour workweek system. ' explained. ************************************************************************************************************ www.cctvnews.co.kr
Cyberdigm (CEO Kim Kyeong-chae) announced on the 10th that it will launch a cloud service for ‘Biz52’, a 52-hour workweek management solution. ‘Biz52’ is a professional 52-hour-a-week attendance management solution that helps manage flexible work schedules, prevent overtime for 52 hours a week, manage vacations, and track and tally employee attendance status conveniently and quickly. ▲Flexible work system management ▲Management of 52 hours (40+12 hours) by work policy ▲PC OFF ▲GPS-based work location designation ▲PC/mobile attendance check ▲Real-time attendance management ▲Work status and statistics by employee/department are provided to provide various functions such as It can be used to support a customized working environment for each work system, comply with the Labor Standards Act for 52 hours a week, and secure evidence for labor audits. The accurate overtime management function is Biz52’s strength. In accordance with company policy, free overtime hours are set, such as by hour, b...
Cyberdigm has been presenting new approaches for 23 years to enable free document sharing and use, collaboration, and effective content management in a secure environment. Among them, the document centralization solution not only prevents the company's important business documents, information, and technical data from being lost or leaked due to hacking such as cyber terrorism, but also supports a proven content framework environment to provide necessary information quickly and accurately. do. Cyberdigm supplies document centralization solutions not only to domestic small and medium-sized companies, but also to first-tier financial institutions such as KB Kookmin Bank, and is currently actively pursuing global expansion beyond the domestic market to Southeast Asia and Japan. ************************************************************************************************************ www.cctvnews.co.kr
Secure Collaborative Document Management System, KB-Drive Since February 2019, KB Kookmin Bank has adopted Cyberdigm's document centralization solution to transform personalized work outputs and knowledge assets into organizational assets. They implemented KB-Drive to ensure secure collaboration without the risk of document loss due to employee departures. KB-Drive is a 'document management system' that implements a centralized management system for documents (files). It stores newly created or existing documents in a central repository instead of local PC storage, systematically managing, utilizing, and sharing documents. This ensures document assetization and provides a smart work environment that enables remote and distributed work similar to an office setting. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, KB-Drive has helped maintain business continuity during remote or distributed work. Employees can avoid duplicating reports and use reports from other departments, speeding up document processing. S...
Due to the nature of their industries, pharmaceutical and medical device companies often conduct extensive research, making them highly sensitive to document loss and leakage. They also manage large volumes of data, necessitating easy and efficient document sharing and systematic management. How have these companies used Cyberdigm’s document centralization solutions to prevent document loss and leakage, and to solve their document sharing and management issues? Let’s find out in the collected interviews with our customers! Hironic 2016 / cloudium Hironic adopted cloudium in 2016. Before cloudium, Hironic used a traditional NAS server, which made managing company documents challenging, particularly with handling PCs of departing employees. A significant drawback of NAS servers is that if someone with access permissions uses the documents, there’s no way to track when and to whom the documents are exported. Document centralization requires department document manager approval before docum...
We present a collection of case studies from our banking and financial industry customers. Given the nature of their work with monetary elements, these industries are known for their heightened focus on security. Often, enhancing document security can lead to challenges in document sharing and utilization. However, several companies have adopted Cyberdigm's document centralization solutions for both document security and convenient collaboration. Let’s explore why they felt the need to implement document centralization! Samsung Securities 2017 Before adopting Cyberdigm's solution, Samsung Securities managed documents through various systems like groupware, sales management systems, and mobile sales systems. This was cumbersome for users, who had to upload documents to multiple systems, and for administrators, who struggled with document management. They decided to implement a content management solution based on Cyberdigm's document centralization technology. By integrating the scattere...
Many companies research references to understand what issues others resolved by adopting document centralization solutions and which features they focused on. Security managers often feel overwhelmed about the reliability of the information and where to find accurate implementation reviews. To address these concerns, Cyberdigm provides references that allow you to easily view customer implementation cases of our document centralization solutions. Through customer implementation cases, you can find security solutions that best fit your company based on the implementation purposes and statuses across various industries! To deliver more accurate and timely information, we have uploaded new customer document centralization case studies on our website this year. Today, we introduce the updated customer implementation cases on Cyberdigm's website. SsangYong Motor Company Document Centralization Implementation Story SsangYong Motor Company adopted a document centralization solution to systemat...
New Year's Holiday Notice Happy New Year 2024! We are closed on January 1, 2024 celebrating a New Year's Holiday. Our Tech Support will be back on January 2, 2024.
Today, we would like to share some interviews showcasing how the manufacturing industry utilizes document centralization solutions. Manufacturing companies often deal with critical documents containing key technologies, such as product drawings and blueprints. Document leaks can lead to significant financial losses and damage to the company's reputation. Thus, robust document security is crucial. Additionally, creating an environment that facilitates efficient and systematic document management for collaboration is essential. Let's see how other companies addressed their concerns and how they resolved them with document centralization solutions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nexen Tire 2016 / Destiny ECM Nexen Tire implemented Destiny ECM in 2016. Previously, they lacked a systematic approach to managing accumulated outputs over the years. Employees selectively uploaded outputs to the company file server, leading to fragmented and scattered ...
Cyberdigm's website has been renewed! Cyberdigm, which provides the document centralization solutions cloudium and DestinyECM, has solidified its position as the number one document centralization solution provider in Korea by implementing document centralization solutions in a wide range of industries such as primary financial institutions, manufacturing, transportation, architecture, and design throughout 2023. Going forward, Cyberdigm will continue to strive to provide essential products and services to customers and partners as a leading company in the field of document management and security.
Hello! Have you all heard about the recently hot Chat GPT? Chat GPT is a conversational AI technology developed by OpenAI. Here's what we asked: "What kind of solution is a document centralization solution?" AI chatbot Chat GPT explained the document centralization solution as follows: 1. Streamline document management processes and enhance efficiency 2. Various features of document centralization 3. Benefits obtained by using the document centralization solution It neatly answers about document centralization like this. Emphasizing security, collaboration, and productivity, we asked additional questions to find out the strengths of document centralization solutions. "What are the strengths of the document centralization solution?" Overall, document centralization can greatly improve efficiency, productivity, and collaboration within an organization while enhancing security and regulatory compliance. It's really a useful solution to enjoy three benefits of security, collaboration, and p...
As digital technology is introduced across society, news regarding cyber threats is becoming more frequent, particularly concerning ransomware. Do you all know what ransomware is? "Ransomware? I've heard that PCs can get infected, but I don't know exactly what it is!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 【Ransomware】 : Malicious code that encrypts a computer user's files and demands money in return In other words, it's malicious code that takes control of a user's PC or encrypts data, then demands money in return if you want to restore it to normal. You can understand the term ransomware more easily by thinking of it as a combination of the words ransom and software. Ransomware is an unavoidable presence when it comes to cybersecurity. That's why several posts on this topic have been uploaded on the Cyberdigm blog. However, as the years go by, ransomware attacks are not decreasing; rather, they are becoming more diverse and powerful. Ther...
What are your thoughts on introducing a document centralization solution? Are you hesitant or skeptical about adoption? If so, it seems that the people in charge of the companies reading this article either know about the document centralization solution through hearsay, or have preconceived notions! Let’s correct some prejudices and misunderstandings about Cyberdigm’s document centralization solution, a powerful tool that can revolutionize the way you manage documents! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Myth #1: Document centralization solutions are difficult to use. The document centralization solution provided by Cyberdigm is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. In general, you can use it without any change, just like when you connect a USB to a PC, the storage appears. The only difference is that it can only be stored in one central storage location. It's very simple. Therefore, anyone using a document centralization solution, ...
Leakage incidents caused by internal employees continue to occur. In addition, Company A was indicted for tricking a competitor's employee into stealing customer information; There have been internal leaks reported through various news and newspapers, such as employees selling drawings of semiconductor-related equipment to overseas companies to make unfair profits or employees trying to steal design drawings. “Internal company information leak? But aren’t leaks usually caused by hacker attacks or outsiders?” Many people think that the leak of work-related information is due to an external attack. However, 80% of those who leak confidential company information are current and former executives and employees! Since they are personnel who directly perform the work, they are aware of what is going on and what related data is available. A leak caused by internal personnel is bound to be an even bigger blow to the company...! “Is there a solution that complements the shortcomings of security ...
여러분의 회사는 도면을 사용하시나요? 도면은 보통 건축사무소, 설계사무소와 같은 건설 관련 분야에서 많이 활용하는 문서입니다. 그리고 설계 관련 일이라 하면 도면만 작성할 거라 생각하지만 각종 보고서 등 행정처리를 해야 할 부분도 한두 가지가 아니죠. Drawings and various reports for each project. There may be only one final version, but there will be countless documents created from the materials prepared to win a project to the final completion. “How can we solve everything from document management to security at once?” . . . Cyberdigm document centralization solution Solve everything from systematic management to reliable security all at once! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Problem 1] There are too many outputs to manage by creating a management ledger.. What should I do? 1. Gather and store documents in one place, so it’s easy to manage! 2. You can delicately classify and manage documents with the tag function! [Problem 2] It is difficult to s...
There is a project underway in the country to revive the sluggish economy caused by the coronavirus. It’s the Korean New Deal! 【 Korean New Deal 】 : National development strategy designed to overcome the crisis caused by COVID-19 and lead the global economy after COVID-19 The New Deal refers to the economic policies promoted by U.S. President Roosevelt to overcome the Great Depression. This term is used to refer to various policies to overcome Korea's economic downturn due to COVID-19, which is the Korean version of the New Deal. “How can we create an infrastructure that builds a digital foundation and even achieves carbon neutrality?” . . . “Digital transformation, practicing carbon neutrality” Solve your concerns with the various functions of Cyberdigm Document Centralization! ----------------------------------------------------- Document centralization solution】 : A solution that collects and stores work output documents on a central server rather than on a personal PC. Documents ...
Today, we will look into file servers (NAS) and document centralization solutions for customers considering the introduction of web hard drives, cloud, NAS servers, etc., considering usability such as file backup and data storage. *We will refer to file servers as file servers (NAS) since many people use NAS to build file servers. What is a file server (NAS)? A file server is a server that manages the sharing of computer files by placing a central file server and granting user access rights. It can be seen as an extension of the "shared folder" supported by Windows, where this "shared folder" is centrally managed, and user access rights and read/write permissions are added. The most commonly used product in file servers is the NAS server mentioned earlier. What is document centralization? Cyberdigm's document centralization solution is a solution that stores and manages all documents generated during work on a central server instead of a personal PC. It is a thorough document security m...
How can we ensure cyber security while preventing leakage incidents caused by printed materials? "Cyberdigm's document centralization solution will solve your worries!" ◈ Print control to prevent unauthorized document printing The first step to strengthening print security! Not everyone should be able to print documents at will. It's an obvious statement, but if everyone can print company documents, the risk of leakage through printed materials increases. Cyberdigm's document centralization solution allows administrators to set whether users can print or not with the print control function! By applying a security policy that allows printing to users who need the print function for their work and a security policy that restricts printing to those who don't, you can easily complete the settings. In addition, you can finely and specifically distinguish security policies, such as whether users can save to their local PCs, which applications used for work can centralize documents, and whethe...
DRM Digital Rights Management First, DRM is a solution that primarily focuses on encrypting files. It restricts unauthorized access and illegal copying of various digital content and encrypts the data. Even if a file is leaked, it is encrypted, thus preventing damage from the leak. However, users who have pre-authorized access or possess authentication keys can view all the data. Encrypting files individually can maintain strict security but has drawbacks in terms of usability. The main issue is the difficulty in document sharing and utilization. The administrator has to approve each viewing request whenever a user wants to access a file. Additionally, the DRM needs to be upgraded whenever Windows or the programs used are updated. The cost is also a significant burden, and the usability can be cumbersome. Furthermore, while the encryption method can protect the content of the documents, it cannot prevent document loss if the PC is formatted or files are deleted. DLP Digital Loss Prevent...
[ECM/cloudium의 모바일 App에 대한 개인정보처리(취급)방침] '(주)사이버다임'은(이하 ‘회사’는) 고객님의 개인정보를 수집하거나 활용하지 않습니다. 서비스를 이용하기 위한 이용자의 로그인정보는 디바이스에 저장될 수 있으나 저장되는 정보는 암호화됩니다. 서비스 이용 과정에서 아래와 같은 정보들이 생성될 수 있으며, 수집되는 정보는 서비스를 제공하는 회사의 DB 및 로그에 저장됩니다. 1) ECM/cloudium의 모바일 App 취급 정보 - 이용자의 브라우저 종류 및 OS - 서비스 이용 기록, 접속로그, 쿠키, 접속IP정보 - 사이트 주소 2) 접근 요청 및 권한 요청 본 서비스는 사진을 등록하기 위해 카메라와 카메라 롤에 접근을 요청합니다. ECM/cloudium의 모바일 App 서비스를 제공하는 회사에 저장되는 개인정보에 대한 전반적인 내용은 회사의 개인정보처리방침을 따릅니다. [사이버다임 개인정보처리방침 바로가기] 현 개인정보처리방침 내용 추가, 삭제 및 수정이 있을 시에는 그 즉시 홈페이지의 공지사항을 통해 고지할 것입니다. - 시행일자 : 2023년 12월 18일

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